Vikram Kamath
I'm Vikram
HCI & ICTD Researcher

I am a PhD Student at School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon. I specialize in Human-Computer Interaction for Development (HCI4D). I am fortunate to be advised by Prof. Tim Brown. We work on building and evaluating technology to support marginalized users in a developmental context in health care.

I am also a long distance swimmer and I have been fortunate enough to raise money for charity by swimming across channels on many occasions for people in need in India.

I am a generalist and have built products for the web, Android, desktop, iOS and hardware gadgets. Read my story and portfolio if you are interested in knowing more about me. I am fortunate enough that my work has been featured in the media. I have a few apps on app store and am on Github.

  • A new code

    10 years ago, in a Windows 98 @high school

    I started programming because I was in love with Pokemon. I wanted to emulate the evocative experience that occurred in the battles on the TV show. I learnt Java, graphics, AWT, keyboard and mouse libraries to create two player games that I could play with my brother. I extended this concept to build games on BeyBlade and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

    Vikram Kamath Vikram Kamath
  • Kmarkiv is born

    7 years ago, using Windows XP @high school

    Vikram Kamath

    My handle is kmarkiv, which is the reverse of vikramk. I meandered into ethical hacking after my stint at game development. I actively participated in HackThisSite and HellBoundHackers. They have interesting puzzles which helped me learn the fundamentals of web, network, cryptography and javascript.

  • The Technical Lead

    5 years ago, using Windows Vista @NITK Surathkal

    My experience with web security drove me towards Web development. Engineer is the annual technical fest at NITK Surathkal, which hosts around 50 events and has five thousand participants. As the Technical Lead for Engineer 2010, I built a content management system that leveraged google docs data to capitalize on access control.

    Vikram Kamath
  • Linux Administrator

    I fell in love with Linux when I first used it and am a strong proponent of open source. I worked with a friend to administer 30 clusters at the digital library in my senior year. We used Webmin and bash scripting to manage the servers. I also helped build a custom Ubuntu derivative called Enginux based on Linux Mint.

    Vikram Kamath
  • Solo-preneurship

    5 years ago, using Ubuntu 10.04 @NITK

    Vikram Kamath

    Towards graduation, I built an online testimonial portal for my batch which used Facebook and jQuery UI. This got a lot of attention from alumni and I started freelancing. I built over 20 products for web and mobile for people from various domains.

    Vikram Kamath

    My first venture was when I built a system which could interact with the internet through text messages. Internet was a big issue in India I built a desktop app in Java for consumers and business to send text messages.

  • Architect @TeliportMe

    4 years ago, using Ubuntu 12.04

    TeliportMe Inc is the Instagram for panoramas, 500 Startups and Startup Chile, I am lucky to be one of their first employees.I saw the company grow and maintained the backend, built APIs to serve our 4 Million users. I got to work with MySQL replication, Redis, LogStash, Monit, Sentry and Three.js.

    Vikram Kamath

    I worked on data analytics, conducted A/B tests and cohort analytics. I built a google street view like application using Three.js. I scaled the backend to work with a distributed system using Redis to handle 4m users. I was exposed to mentors and VCs to get a better perception of building products.

    Vikram Kamath
  • Teaching my padawan

    2 years ago, using pen and paper

    Vikram Kamath

    My aunt was going through a difficult phase last year so I taught her to read English. I was a positive experience and was vital towards improving her outlook towards life. It's an inspiring story. I think this is by far the best work I have done so far. I am writing a book and hope to publish it in December.

  • Mastering Technology at CMU

    1 year ago, using Ubuntu 14.04

    Teaching my aunt, led me to pick educational technology for my masters. My course work at CMU has helped me explore Gadgets, Machine learning and Statistics. I gained the user-centered approach towards improving interactions. I learnt about how to prototype and use contextual research to develop interfaces supplementing my backend knowledge. Have a look at some of my work below and contact me if you are interested to chat.

    Vikram Kamath
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